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  • Tips,tricks and tools to find or search people online

    With internet, anyone can be a private detective, whether tracking down an old high school friend, or looking for a relative of yours. Here are some of the best resources available for finding people online,

    Internet has certainly connected the world. Most of the people would certainly have an online identity and one way communication (profiles, blogs) helps you know someone better (and sometimes a local scoop as well ;-) ).It’s particularly easy if the one you are searching for resides in U.S.A but its harder if its developing countries like India where people’s exposure to internet is bit less even though it’s quite possible

    Here are some of the tricks to help you with searching some one
    For people in U.S.A there are several databases which will give you loads of information

    Live in the know-intelius
    Yahoo! Search - People Search
    Free People Search by ZabaSearch!

    more can be found here

    Still they would give physical information not the sort you are looking for. You would still need to do this

    1)First step would be to find their email id. Google his name if the name isn’t that common you’ll most probably find out the email id else go to some social networking sites like facebook , orkut or myspace and search for their name and location, you’ll most probably find his profile and email id would be listed there, if profile is locked just think of some group/community where he would have written his information like alumni data-base, in a hangout thread for example I recently y wanted to search for a person ‘abc’ I knew he was in ‘xyz’ college so I searched in orkut for ‘abc xyz’ and bingo I found his collage community discussion named “alumni database” and he had mentioned all his information there

    2)Second step would be google for their username(s). you’ll certainly find whole lot of thing there like his/her profiles in across various sites, various forums, mentions in several blogs etc, that would be a whole lot of information then do try to stumble through this sites
    3)A blog particularly a personal one would certainly let you see through the person, search for his name at several of the blog search engines like or I say this in particular because sometimes blogs may not appear in general search and if they do they could be at around lets say 56th place
    Now I’ll give you some specialized tools to know someone’s presence across various networking sites


    it is a community of over thirty million members who can connect with each other through secure and private people search tools. These tools help members find and keep in touch with friends, family, schoolmates, and anyone else with whom they want to communicate.
    1)It has a specific format for storing people's name
    2) there is also school wise search so you may also try that. It is accesible directly from thier homepage

    People search across social networks, blogs and more.
    It searches through
    43Things ,Bebo BlackPlanet ,Blogger, Buzznet, DailyMotion ,Deviantart, Digg, FaceBook, Flickr, Fotolog ,Friendster, grono, Hi5, ICQ ,imeem ,IRC-Galleria,, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, LiveJournal, Match, MySpace ,Rediff, skyrock, Tagged, Twitter, Vox, Web Search ,Webshots, Xanga ,Yahoo ,Yahoo 360, YoName ,YouTube, Zorpia
    Enter the username/email there and you’ll find all his profiles within above mentioned networks that would be quite a lot


    It is primarily used to check the if particular user name is available across many of popular networking sites now generally we all have a fixed username across all the networking sites which is more often than not your email user name. So search here for that particular his/her username and see where its available and where its not.


    its also site similar to namechk but works along some different networks as well

    so once you get the networks where he’s username is already taken. It means he/she is a member there just open there profiles/blogs/images/slides and you are done.

    What to look for once you find what networks they use?

    Look for blogs, image and video sharing platforms, look what sort of sites they bookmark in social bookmarking sites. In social networking sites find out which communities or groups have they joined and what things they discuss there. In this way you’ll get to know their views on various subjects It would be nice if you comment upon this article and suggest me new ways if you have them

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  1. cool surfer says:

    Thanks jay, if possible do suggest me if you have any such resource

  1. joshi jay says:

    hi we want more post....!!!!!
    pls post on what is captcha and why it is used..?? how it works..?? who is the founder of the captcha?

  1. cool surfer says:

    Thanks for the comment jay, willl surely write on captcha but it will take some time

  1. You should check out

  1. cool surfer says:

    Thanks jennifly for the link,it very much does all the things i mentioned in a single place but the post is aiimed more at finding indians/asians where public records and such things either don't exist and if they do, they aren't available on the internet and sometimes first name and last name aren't enough to find a person thanks anyways

  1. fahim says:

    is there any website where i can just type in an email id, and get to know the social network sites that particular id uses?

  1. fahim says:

    is there any web site where i can just type in an email id and get to know the names of social network sites that id is using?

  1. cool surfer says:

    @fahim I Don't know any site It can be known from email id but it can be known from Usernames because at most of the sites you would be using the same username. I have mentioned those sites in the post namely, and Hope you liked the post

  1. fahim says:

    thanks cool surfer.....yoname.come works, but it is a pay site...anyway, if you ever come across any website that can track all the social networking sites an email id uses, please let us know of it...

    wish you all the best

  1. polu11 says:

    The Blog is really Nice and Intresting...

  1. anab01 says:

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