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  • Ksnk college demo text!!!!!!!!!!

  • How to handle multiple E-mail accounts from gmail Email account Many of us have multiple E-mail accounts. One may be for personal use,then may be you have a domain and have Email set up with it or you may have a college E-mail address.Checking and replying to E-mails from multiple accounts may be at times difficult.With Gmail you can handle all your E-mail accounts from a single place, organize inbox of different e-mail accounts from Gmail. By handling E-mail address I mean you can not only receive E-mails(mail forwarding must be enabled in your other email address for it though) but also you can send (i.e having a from address of your domain) with your other E-mail address from within your e-mail address.Here is how you can do it

    consider that I want to handle email account from

    1) Firstly you should start forwarding service from your other e-mail account (yahoo have recently added the feature to allow forwarding and msn doesn't allow to forward emails to gmail atleast,you can obviously forward mails from your gmail address). if you want to know it for your specific client, please let me know in comments. after you have mail forwarding in place,apply a filter such that when ever you get a mail forwarded from it gets a label "mydomain inbox".

    In order to apply a filter click on apply a filter beside the gmail search button at the top

    Then enter To field as (your email address) and click on next step.

    Then tick the option "apply the label" select the appropriate label or create a new label and name it anything like for example "mydomain inbox"

    now whenever you'll get a new mail it'll automatically get forwarded to your main e-mail address.

    2) Now the main part is how can you reply to a mail from your alternate email address from your main gmail E-mail account? ,that is at times you may want to reply to a email directed to from your gmail account but you want the "From:" field to be . This is how it is possible.

    Click on setting at the top right corner of your Gmail , then click on "accounts and import" and then on "send mail from another E-mail address".

    You'll be then presented with a tab where can enter your email address. After you enter your e-mail address then click on next.

    There are two ways you you can send an email. Either directly through gmail or via your own SMTP server. its easier to set-up with gmail.Once you select "set up from gmail" option. Gmail will send a verification code to alternate E-mail address of yours.

    you'll get a PIN number by email,once you enter it , you are done , now you can handle you all (almost all) E-mail addresses from your gmail account. Do remember , by default you'll reply a email forwarded from via the same E-mail if its verified

    Don't forget to comment if you liked it or if you have any doubts

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  • Stop receiving mail for every Google buzz comment/update Google buzz is new thing in the town.Google's yet another go at social web(read twitter).It has number of advantages over twitter and some setbacks as well. Lets see if google buzz can "altavistise" twitter which frankly i feel is too early to tell.

    Similar to @ reply in twitter, Google buzz has a option of commenting upon the buzz (equivalent to tweet in twitter). Now problem is that every-time someone comments upon one of your buzz,you get a mail and google goes on to list it in one of its advantages...

    But in fact it can be quite irritating once you get too many comments and therefore too many mails in gmail inbox,Why not just have a sign beside buzz.There aren't any settings for buzz within the gmail setting tab as of yet but I feel it may soon be introduced (there's one inside the buzz although)
    There's a simple way to get pass it by using filters in gmail.
    1)First click on settings tab at the top-right of your gmail window

    2) Now click on Filters tab

    3) Now you'll see the below window, Enter you Email address in the TO: field, This is because whenever a buzz comment is sent you you its a self mail. They have changed the way and now You don't need to enter the E-mail id in TO field,simply write down "buzz:" in subject: filed as shown

    4) Now you have caught all the buzz comments/update mails,Now you got to decide. First click on first check box Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and in the 4th one , add a label to it like buzzz for example

    Thats about it,now keep checking the buzz label(or folder if you understand that way). Following this steps you'll be able to stop receiving the mails for each and every buzz update
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    Know what patients like you feel and there journey through the disease

  • Know what patients like you feel and there journey through the disease

    When someone’s suffering from a disease particularly the ones which are life threatening. Patients are emotionally shattered. In such times they long to know different modes of treatment other patients are taking, they want to know what other patients like him/her feel , They want to know their symptoms, their medications, everything they can know about the disease .
    Patientslikeme does exactly that. It is a social networking health site that enables its members to share treatment and symptom information in order to track and to learn from real-world outcomes. One gets to know the minutest medical details.
    In 1998, a young carpenter named Stephen Heywood was diagnosed with ALS. The Heywood family began taking charge of Stephen's care, searching the world over for ideas that would extend his life and improve the way he lived. This set in motion a series of events that have led to PatientsLikeMe, a new system of medicine by patients for patients.
    Advantages are simply enormous...
    One can learn from other patients like them in Forum Discussions,through Private Messages and from Profile Comments. One can also browse symptom reports,explore Treatment reports,check out treatment evaluations.Profile charts lets one see how treatments affects the health over time.Doctor Visit Sheets helps one improve discussions with the doctors

    They currently have communities for Prevalent Diseases like ALS/MND,Epilepsy,Fibromyalgia,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME,HIV/AIDS,Mood Conditions,Anxiety,Bipolar,Depression,OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder),PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder),MS (Multiple Sclerosis),Parkinson’s Disease and some other rare disease too
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  • Now you don’t need to register at every other site Many websites have a compulsory registration for varied reasons for example many forums may not allow you to view the content unless you are a registered member, then there may be many download sites which may not allow you to download stuff unless you sign up. Their interest of course lies in getting your contact details mailing you announcements and similar stuff. But it’s cumbersome to do it on every other site. So what’s the solution You may ask. Well it’s this site was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information. It actually contains logins and passwords for lakhs of sites and growing. They are contributed by users like us. Its typically goes this way, I come across a site where I have to register to gain access. So I register there with a fake email id(mailinator,10minutemail,guerrillamail,meltmail,filzmail) and then submit this login to bugmenot. This is how a large database of logins piles up.

    Many of you may ask Why not just register But
    It's a breach of privacy, Sites don't have a great track record with the whole spam thing, it’s contrary to the fundamental spirit of the net, It's pointless due to the significant percentage of users who enter, fake demographic details anyway, It's a waste of time ,It's annoying as hell and Imagine if every site required registration to access content.

    STEP 1: Make a note of the website address you are trying to access. For example:
    STEP 2: Visit
    STEP 3: Enter the address from step 1 into the box and press the "Get Logins" button
    STEP 4: You should now be presented with at least one username and password. Make a note of them.
    STEP 5: Go back to the site you were originally trying to access in step 1 and proceed to login with the username and password you noted in the previous step.
    With any luck you should be able to access your article now!
    However not all logins provided are correct and you have the option to even vote (in positive or negative) for them if they worked/failed for you. So that keeps refining the logins. Have happy surfing.

  • Getting Invitation to New orkut new orkut video

    New orkut is talk of the town(of orkuteers of course). I found the new interface impressive,you can jump to any of your friends' profile and any of your communities directly from the home page of yours and not to mention the comments that can be done on friends status updates . and not to mention the faster image upload speed(3 Times faster) and ability to share it with non-orkut friends. Lets see if it brings up the decreasing page views of orkut

    Ok,lets get back to main point. Everyone wants to get an invitation to new orkut,well I just got an invitation and would like to share the tips (and not essentially tricks) with you

    1)First of all join the Get the new orkut! community and try to be active , you never know which of your gimmick may lend you a invitation [:P]

    2)Secondly fill in this google docs form to increase the chances of getting the invitation

    3) ( a secret one) one of the main guys behind the whole making of new orkut poppy shashi blogs at geek story .Concentrate in particular on this blog post ORKUT AND THE SOCIAL NETWORKING THEME WEEK
    excerpt from the post
    I’m one of the members evangelizing Orkut and its new avatar. Head to the community, join it ! And because you’re special (you read my blog ), I’ll send you an invite over the next few days. Once you’ve joined the community, let me know (leave a comment here) and I’ll invite you to the new Orkut!

    so simple just comment there and hope this works [:D],It worked for me and you may also like to follow his blog for further updates about new orkut

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  • Find similiar sites to the sites you're currently on - Similiar web Won't it be nice if you get sites similar to sites you are currently on?. Meet SimilarWeb, An intelligent Add-On that sits on your browser and provides easy access to similar websites and content. You may or may not have thought about such a service but you'll certainly find it interesting at some point of time

    As you surf the web small pictures (thumbnails) of related websites will dynamically appear on the sidebar.The thumbnails will show related websites dealing with the same content as the site you are viewing.For example you are trying to open Wikipedia. at that point of time similarweb will tell you thatbritannica,howstuffworks,infoplease,mediawiki are similar to the wikipedia.
    Although not all sites are relevant but most of them are. you can also rank those sites, add your own sites to the list(tagging feature is coming soon)It can change the way people surf and the way people find content. It ain't needed all the time but you can just open it when you need it. [You never know you would find a great site even while viewing one of your dailies]. possibilities are enormous Its also got a web based recommendation search engine similiarsites

    Currently the add-on download is available only for firefox 3.0. click here to download it. Please drop in your feedbacks and comments

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  • 10 interactive flash/animation sites to mesmerize you Caution: you may get addicted to delightful stuff below

    See it for yourself. simple but creative ,click changes the colour and space blanks up the screen. Not getting what I mean, just visit the link

    Play with over 30 webcam effects . its like a big fancy-pants digital hall of mirrors ,you’ll need a webcam attached to your computer but you can still just watch if you don’t have one

    Crazy rabbit
    Beware you may just go finding a mouse pointer, simply crazy

    Stripes-damn creative
    Creativity at its best, how a piece of paper and strip can let you create a moving image or let me say a static movement

    Weird stuff here
    Gravity ball-effect of a circle thrown on a elastic surface
    Liquid form-shape taken by drops of liquid when they come near each other
    Elastic spiral-that’s it a spiral which is elastic
    Corner drag – how would a text slide along the corners of a wall?
    Check out more here

    Elastic enthusiastic
    Elastic dance I must say choreographed by you :)

    OK, this is kind of silly but surprisingly fun. Just slap the figure around. The quicker you move the mouse the more power your hit around with the mouse

    Neave bounce-bounce balls with soundBounce a bunch of big bouncy balls with sound. Shout into your microphone all play some hippety-hoppety music in your computer allow microphone access when prompted and get bouncing
    Wonderful visually stimulating stuff


    If you have always wondered how drugs and alcohol effects the brain once the substance has entered the blood system and reached the brain, then wonder no more. Mouse Party offers a fun interactive look-see at how drugs and alcohol interacts with the brains of mice. The mice that stars in Mouse Party are amusing to watch from the first-time that one is selected to be analyzed, and then hoisted up and feed into a clever contraption, so that you can watch an entertaining demonstration.
    Simply phenomenal
    JamLegend lets you play a rocking guitar game online for free. It features a limitless song library, massive multiplayer, tournaments and social features. Like the games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, JamLegend simulates the thrill of rocking out for a sold out crowd while enabling features never before available in console games.

    Done with the interactive ones but its not over yet, Now comes the bonus treat

    Math, science, music fused
    The thing just blows mind away. Simple, elegant, mildly creepy, and totallymesmerizing.

    Throw bush around
    Whether or not you like bush this one will certainly make you laugh

    Animated clocks

    industrious clock

    human clock
    some funny and creative animations

    Cool animations

    a dude falling
    omg i lol'ed the whole time I watched this

    you got to see this-> There’s something in the water
    it's an animated drawing toon.. it's life changes as the artist sees fit but what creativity

    As always, looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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  • Tips,tricks and tools to find or search people online
    With internet, anyone can be a private detective, whether tracking down an old high school friend, or looking for a relative of yours. Here are some of the best resources available for finding people online,

    Internet has certainly connected the world. Most of the people would certainly have an online identity and one way communication (profiles, blogs) helps you know someone better (and sometimes a local scoop as well ;-) ).It’s particularly easy if the one you are searching for resides in U.S.A but its harder if its developing countries like India where people’s exposure to internet is bit less even though it’s quite possible

    Here are some of the tricks to help you with searching some one
    For people in U.S.A there are several databases which will give you loads of information

    Live in the know-intelius
    Yahoo! Search - People Search
    Free People Search by ZabaSearch!

    more can be found here

    Still they would give physical information not the sort you are looking for. You would still need to do this

    1)First step would be to find their email id. Google his name if the name isn’t that common you’ll most probably find out the email id else go to some social networking sites like facebook , orkut or myspace and search for their name and location, you’ll most probably find his profile and email id would be listed there, if profile is locked just think of some group/community where he would have written his information like alumni data-base, in a hangout thread for example I recently y wanted to search for a person ‘abc’ I knew he was in ‘xyz’ college so I searched in orkut for ‘abc xyz’ and bingo I found his collage community discussion named “alumni database” and he had mentioned all his information there

    2)Second step would be google for their username(s). you’ll certainly find whole lot of thing there like his/her profiles in across various sites, various forums, mentions in several blogs etc, that would be a whole lot of information then do try to stumble through this sites
    3)A blog particularly a personal one would certainly let you see through the person, search for his name at several of the blog search engines like or I say this in particular because sometimes blogs may not appear in general search and if they do they could be at around lets say 56th place
    Now I’ll give you some specialized tools to know someone’s presence across various networking sites


    it is a community of over thirty million members who can connect with each other through secure and private people search tools. These tools help members find and keep in touch with friends, family, schoolmates, and anyone else with whom they want to communicate.
    1)It has a specific format for storing people's name
    2) there is also school wise search so you may also try that. It is accesible directly from thier homepage

    People search across social networks, blogs and more.
    It searches through
    43Things ,Bebo BlackPlanet ,Blogger, Buzznet, DailyMotion ,Deviantart, Digg, FaceBook, Flickr, Fotolog ,Friendster, grono, Hi5, ICQ ,imeem ,IRC-Galleria,, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, LiveJournal, Match, MySpace ,Rediff, skyrock, Tagged, Twitter, Vox, Web Search ,Webshots, Xanga ,Yahoo ,Yahoo 360, YoName ,YouTube, Zorpia
    Enter the username/email there and you’ll find all his profiles within above mentioned networks that would be quite a lot


    It is primarily used to check the if particular user name is available across many of popular networking sites now generally we all have a fixed username across all the networking sites which is more often than not your email user name. So search here for that particular his/her username and see where its available and where its not.


    its also site similar to namechk but works along some different networks as well

    so once you get the networks where he’s username is already taken. It means he/she is a member there just open there profiles/blogs/images/slides and you are done.

    What to look for once you find what networks they use?

    Look for blogs, image and video sharing platforms, look what sort of sites they bookmark in social bookmarking sites. In social networking sites find out which communities or groups have they joined and what things they discuss there. In this way you’ll get to know their views on various subjects It would be nice if you comment upon this article and suggest me new ways if you have them

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