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  • Stop receiving mail for every Google buzz comment/update

    Google buzz is new thing in the town.Google's yet another go at social web(read twitter).It has number of advantages over twitter and some setbacks as well. Lets see if google buzz can "altavistise" twitter which frankly i feel is too early to tell.

    Similar to @ reply in twitter, Google buzz has a option of commenting upon the buzz (equivalent to tweet in twitter). Now problem is that every-time someone comments upon one of your buzz,you get a mail and google goes on to list it in one of its advantages...

    But in fact it can be quite irritating once you get too many comments and therefore too many mails in gmail inbox,Why not just have a sign beside buzz.There aren't any settings for buzz within the gmail setting tab as of yet but I feel it may soon be introduced (there's one inside the buzz although)
    There's a simple way to get pass it by using filters in gmail.
    1)First click on settings tab at the top-right of your gmail window

    2) Now click on Filters tab

    3) Now you'll see the below window, Enter you Email address in the TO: field, This is because whenever a buzz comment is sent you you its a self mail. They have changed the way and now You don't need to enter the E-mail id in TO field,simply write down "buzz:" in subject: filed as shown

    4) Now you have caught all the buzz comments/update mails,Now you got to decide. First click on first check box Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and in the 4th one , add a label to it like buzzz for example

    Thats about it,now keep checking the buzz label(or folder if you understand that way). Following this steps you'll be able to stop receiving the mails for each and every buzz update
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  1. Wisnu says:

    failed! if I add my gmail id at from field, when I test search, it failed! if i just put buzz in subject field, it works...

    arghh annoying

  1. cool surfer says:

    @wisnu , Its working perfectly for me. Putting buzz in the subject does work but imagine a situation when you get a mail with buzz somewhere in the subject [like myspace buzz] and you got to put your full email address in the From field

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