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  • How to handle multiple E-mail accounts from gmail Email account

    Many of us have multiple E-mail accounts. One may be for personal use,then may be you have a domain and have Email set up with it or you may have a college E-mail address.Checking and replying to E-mails from multiple accounts may be at times difficult.With Gmail you can handle all your E-mail accounts from a single place, organize inbox of different e-mail accounts from Gmail. By handling E-mail address I mean you can not only receive E-mails(mail forwarding must be enabled in your other email address for it though) but also you can send (i.e having a from address of your domain) with your other E-mail address from within your e-mail address.Here is how you can do it

    consider that I want to handle email account from

    1) Firstly you should start forwarding service from your other e-mail account (yahoo have recently added the feature to allow forwarding and msn doesn't allow to forward emails to gmail atleast,you can obviously forward mails from your gmail address). if you want to know it for your specific client, please let me know in comments. after you have mail forwarding in place,apply a filter such that when ever you get a mail forwarded from it gets a label "mydomain inbox".

    In order to apply a filter click on apply a filter beside the gmail search button at the top

    Then enter To field as (your email address) and click on next step.

    Then tick the option "apply the label" select the appropriate label or create a new label and name it anything like for example "mydomain inbox"

    now whenever you'll get a new mail it'll automatically get forwarded to your main e-mail address.

    2) Now the main part is how can you reply to a mail from your alternate email address from your main gmail E-mail account? ,that is at times you may want to reply to a email directed to from your gmail account but you want the "From:" field to be . This is how it is possible.

    Click on setting at the top right corner of your Gmail , then click on "accounts and import" and then on "send mail from another E-mail address".

    You'll be then presented with a tab where can enter your email address. After you enter your e-mail address then click on next.

    There are two ways you you can send an email. Either directly through gmail or via your own SMTP server. its easier to set-up with gmail.Once you select "set up from gmail" option. Gmail will send a verification code to alternate E-mail address of yours.

    you'll get a PIN number by email,once you enter it , you are done , now you can handle you all (almost all) E-mail addresses from your gmail account. Do remember , by default you'll reply a email forwarded from via the same E-mail if its verified

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