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  • 10 interactive flash/animation sites to mesmerize you

    Caution: you may get addicted to delightful stuff below

    See it for yourself. simple but creative ,click changes the colour and space blanks up the screen. Not getting what I mean, just visit the link

    Play with over 30 webcam effects . its like a big fancy-pants digital hall of mirrors ,you’ll need a webcam attached to your computer but you can still just watch if you don’t have one

    Crazy rabbit
    Beware you may just go finding a mouse pointer, simply crazy

    Stripes-damn creative
    Creativity at its best, how a piece of paper and strip can let you create a moving image or let me say a static movement

    Weird stuff here
    Gravity ball-effect of a circle thrown on a elastic surface
    Liquid form-shape taken by drops of liquid when they come near each other
    Elastic spiral-that’s it a spiral which is elastic
    Corner drag – how would a text slide along the corners of a wall?
    Check out more here

    Elastic enthusiastic
    Elastic dance I must say choreographed by you :)

    OK, this is kind of silly but surprisingly fun. Just slap the figure around. The quicker you move the mouse the more power your hit around with the mouse

    Neave bounce-bounce balls with soundBounce a bunch of big bouncy balls with sound. Shout into your microphone all play some hippety-hoppety music in your computer allow microphone access when prompted and get bouncing
    Wonderful visually stimulating stuff


    If you have always wondered how drugs and alcohol effects the brain once the substance has entered the blood system and reached the brain, then wonder no more. Mouse Party offers a fun interactive look-see at how drugs and alcohol interacts with the brains of mice. The mice that stars in Mouse Party are amusing to watch from the first-time that one is selected to be analyzed, and then hoisted up and feed into a clever contraption, so that you can watch an entertaining demonstration.
    Simply phenomenal
    JamLegend lets you play a rocking guitar game online for free. It features a limitless song library, massive multiplayer, tournaments and social features. Like the games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, JamLegend simulates the thrill of rocking out for a sold out crowd while enabling features never before available in console games.

    Done with the interactive ones but its not over yet, Now comes the bonus treat

    Math, science, music fused
    The thing just blows mind away. Simple, elegant, mildly creepy, and totallymesmerizing.

    Throw bush around
    Whether or not you like bush this one will certainly make you laugh

    Animated clocks

    industrious clock

    human clock
    some funny and creative animations

    Cool animations

    a dude falling
    omg i lol'ed the whole time I watched this

    you got to see this-> There’s something in the water
    it's an animated drawing toon.. it's life changes as the artist sees fit but what creativity

    As always, looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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