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  • Find similiar sites to the sites you're currently on - Similiar web

    Won't it be nice if you get sites similar to sites you are currently on?. Meet SimilarWeb, An intelligent Add-On that sits on your browser and provides easy access to similar websites and content. You may or may not have thought about such a service but you'll certainly find it interesting at some point of time

    As you surf the web small pictures (thumbnails) of related websites will dynamically appear on the sidebar.The thumbnails will show related websites dealing with the same content as the site you are viewing.For example you are trying to open Wikipedia. at that point of time similarweb will tell you thatbritannica,howstuffworks,infoplease,mediawiki are similar to the wikipedia.
    Although not all sites are relevant but most of them are. you can also rank those sites, add your own sites to the list(tagging feature is coming soon)It can change the way people surf and the way people find content. It ain't needed all the time but you can just open it when you need it. [You never know you would find a great site even while viewing one of your dailies]. possibilities are enormous Its also got a web based recommendation search engine similiarsites

    Currently the add-on download is available only for firefox 3.0. click here to download it. Please drop in your feedbacks and comments

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