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  • Getting Invitation to New orkut

    new orkut video

    New orkut is talk of the town(of orkuteers of course). I found the new interface impressive,you can jump to any of your friends' profile and any of your communities directly from the home page of yours and not to mention the comments that can be done on friends status updates . and not to mention the faster image upload speed(3 Times faster) and ability to share it with non-orkut friends. Lets see if it brings up the decreasing page views of orkut

    Ok,lets get back to main point. Everyone wants to get an invitation to new orkut,well I just got an invitation and would like to share the tips (and not essentially tricks) with you

    1)First of all join the Get the new orkut! community and try to be active , you never know which of your gimmick may lend you a invitation [:P]

    2)Secondly fill in this google docs form to increase the chances of getting the invitation

    3) ( a secret one) one of the main guys behind the whole making of new orkut poppy shashi blogs at geek story .Concentrate in particular on this blog post ORKUT AND THE SOCIAL NETWORKING THEME WEEK
    excerpt from the post
    I’m one of the members evangelizing Orkut and its new avatar. Head to the community, join it ! And because you’re special (you read my blog ), I’ll send you an invite over the next few days. Once you’ve joined the community, let me know (leave a comment here) and I’ll invite you to the new Orkut!

    so simple just comment there and hope this works [:D],It worked for me and you may also like to follow his blog for further updates about new orkut

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  1. akash says:

    well i joined the community but its up 2 its moderator to give me the email is send me an invitation

  1. cool surfer says:

    @ akash

    its not only about joining the community, There's a form mentioned in this post as well as its also there on that community page. and also read the 3rd point. all of my friends got the invitation within a day or two

  1. THOMAS says:


  1. cool surfer says:

    hi Thomas, I am not in any way related to orkut. This are the tricks to get invitation to new orkut,If you implement them then you'll certainly get invitation to use new orkut!!!!

  1. Vicky says:

    Please accept me in the community and send a invitation please…….
    Dis is
    n dis is my profile url-

  1. thanks first for making such a site...hope my wish to see new orkut will be completed soon..

    my id is


  1. Ateet says:

    Hi.. Please send me the new Orkut invitationn.. I've joined the community.. My id :

  1. Ishan Banga says:

    new orkut is cool...
    if anybodys is left for orkut invitation can contact me at

  1. naresh says:

    hey........m dreamboy........nd wanna use new plz shall u send me invitation as soo as posible......ok my id is

    k m waiting

  1. cool surfer says:

    please read my blog post properly to get the invitation or you can contact this guy
    BTW how did you find out my blog?

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